Are you looking for a trusted distributor to sell your excellent ICT products and services in Vietnam?

TECHSPACES believes having the best business partners is not a result of success; it is vital to success. Local partners provides not only sales and service delivery capabilities, but also instant access to the customers and high responsiveness to the market needs. In Vietnam market, the long-term and personal relationships are important in business development and sales. This is even more critical to technical-driven and industry-specific IT solutions which requires high level of client engagement and industry domain credibility.

Yet, finding this right partner is challenging. Besides barriers of local culture, or obstacle of language, it requires local knowledge, expertise and experience to be able to source credible information about potential partners, then to verify, and to qualify a partner. This is tremendously time consuming, and sometimes turns into a disappointed engagement with a wrong one.

TECHSPACES can take the lead. This service is tailored to meet the niche search in sectors of information technology. We are a local consulting firm with team specializing in ICT for over 10 years. TECHSPACES has been in services to both local and foreign-invested companies across diverse information technology sectors. This provides us market intelligence about the IT and Telecom distributors, resellers, or consulting firms in Vietnam as well as insights about their sales capabilities, team, and expertise. Basing on specific requirements for a strong business partner, we have the abilities to source, contact, sell, qualify, and present the best partners who are interested into your business.