Career Advice

  • CV Writing Tips

    Recruiters take less than a minute to decide whether to call you for further discussion. Your CV is critical defining who you are and what you are. Here are few tips to to start making your CV more attracting.

  • Interview Tips

    How to create your own brand image in the mindset of the interviewers is critical to propel your career forward. The purpose of this guide is to provide you step-by-step actions to get you through a successful interview.

  • Most common interview mistakes

    Try to avoid the following mistake that mislead or down-grade your brand image to the interviewers. Especially, the first impression is critical in securing the job you are applying for.

  • Most common interview questions

    Below are some common questions that Recruitment Consultants or Hiring Managers will mostly use to validate how fit you are to the job. Try to prepare answering all the questions, your confidence will be ready for any interview.